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Our Values

Clemons Life is about creating opportunities. Our values guide us in  creation with our clients, our community, and our team. In every relationship, we nurture these three promises: collaboration, flexibility, resourcefulness.


For us, collaboration involves creativity in projects, open communication between collaborators, and a sense of trust. We don’t shy away from feedback and take criticism as a gift, challenging us to grow.

If you don’t bend, you break. Growth requires a willingness to change where necessary and adaptability to new environments. We prioritize remaining open to new ideas and methods, both interpersonally and in business.

Sometimes the ground shifts under your feet; that’s when resourcefulness is critical to success. We aren’t afraid of seismic change. That’s actually when we shine, taking ownership of our roles and thinking critically to find the best plan of action.

Our Work

Clemons was founded with the mission of becoming leaders in urban redevelopment within historic Kansas City neighborhoods. Over time, we have transitioned into a full-service brokerage and property management partner with projects throughout the Midwest market.

Because of our focus within commercial, multi-family, and mixed-use urban districts, we have grown to better understand and more effectively communicate the challenges and opportunities posed by each type of investment. Our multi-disciplined team of professionals is widely respected for providing leadership in complex sale and capitalization assignments at every point in the investment cycle.

Real Estate

Commercial Brokerage
Multi-Family Investment
Residential Sales & Leasing


Property Management

Apartment Leasing
Property Management
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Construction Services

Investment Renovations
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Community Engagement


We think our time and resources in the hands of the right organizations can make a big impact alongside the work we do to create opportunities.

Our entire team is excited and passionate about the communities we are fortunate enough to work within.

We are always looking for ways we can grow in our efforts to give back to our community and serve those around us, giving priority to organizations our employees have a vested interest in as volunteers or board members.