Clemons is pleased to announce Todd Zauner, Chief Operating Officer, as a new principal in the firm. Todd is joining founding partners Aaron Clemons and Audrey Navarro, who have proudly led the organization since its founding in 2006.

Todd joined Clemons in 2018 as Chief Operating Officer. His strategic focus has been on building excellent client relationships, team leadership development, and benchmarkable service delivery, as well as supporting all the local communities that Clemons Real Estate has the opportunity to serve. Todd oversees all elements of the firm’s operations including Property Management, Accounting, Human Resources, Administration as well the firm’s strategic growth plan. Todd’s leadership has been instrumental in growing the firm from 30 to 100 employees as well as expanding into markets across the Midwest including Wichita and Des Moines over the past 3 years.

Please join us in congratulating Todd Zauner as a principal owner of Clemons Real Estate.