FTW Investments was started by Logan Freeman, Cory Tuck, and Parker Webb in 2020. They have been extremely successful in their investments across Kansas City and are expanding into new markets rapidly. Here is a little more about them and their future:

How did your firm get started?

We decided to team up because we identified value-add acquisitions and development projects in the workforce housing space — ultimately, we are looking to address a housing supply gap.

What made you choose Kansas City?

Kansas City is our hometown and it offers so much. Plus, the cost of acquisitions is manageable and KC is still in a position to climb. We want to keep building on the momentum from the downtown revitalization that started back around 2007.

What’s the secret to your success?

There is no secret to success; it’s all hard work and preparation. Beyond that, smart partnerships make a difference. It’s like the African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

What sets you apart from other investment and development firms?

FTW’s intellectual capital model is broken into three parts: relational, structural, and human. The latter being the most important and most rewarding. Relational capital relates to the relationships that the people that work at the organization have and can utilize, if need be.

Structural capital pertains to the systems, processes and technology that allows for efficiency and effectiveness. Human capital focuses on the people making the assumptions that drive the business, and the people that help implement business plans.

FTW has always hired for culture first, skills second, and we like to model what Ray Dalio calls an “idea meritocracy,” where people are rewarded for aspiring to and reaching their highest potential.

For more information about FTW Investments, visit their website at www.ftwinvestmentsllc.com.