Meet Dr. Allison Edwards, founder and primary
physician of Kansas City Direct Primary Care, a
primary care office that works for you and with you
to attain the best possible health. They charge a
flat monthly fee and agree to provide holistic
primary care for you–no strings attached.  Read
below to see Dr. Edwards answer some questions
about her new company and visit them at 2016
West 43rd Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas 66103.

How did you get started in this business? I got into the business of medicine a little bit by accident. Until recently, I thought I would follow the predictable path of most young doctors: go to college, get a medical degree, endure residency training, then find employment with a large clinic or hospital-based practice. Very few physicians these days leave residency to open their own practice. I opened Kansas City Direct Primary Care because I believe doctors can be better at providing primary care and that patients deserve better. We offer affordable, easy-to-access primary care for a flat monthly fee, no strings attached. We offer longer visits, on-time visits, same- day or next day visits, email visits, phone visits, home visits, at-cost medications and labs, and access to your physician 24/7 if need be.

What made you choose this neighborhood for your business? I chose Rosedale because it is a wonderfully vibrant community with so much to offer: from the behemoth of KU Med to the gorgeous bluffs and Rosedale Park; phenomenal community organizations like the Rosedale Neighborhood Association to new, commercial developments springing up all around.  I believe this neighborhood has an eye to the community.  If you have one piece of advice for an entrepreneur just starting out, what would it be? As for entrepreneurial advice, I’m not sure I’m the best one to dish it out!  I never thought I’d be an entrepreneur. I never have taken a business class and learning the basics of making a business plan was a steep learning curve. The most important thing is to continue to reach out to mentors, reach out to friends, reach out to other small businesses, reach out to the chamber of commerce, reach out to community groups!  There are so many connections out there to be made & you never know who can help you or offer advice that sticks.

What inspires you most? I’m so inspired by the future and my optimism is sky-high!  I’m very excited to be able to offer a product that spans classes and needs and provides the best care for the most people.  I also am excited to be a part of the community.  I have a large conference room at my practice that I envision could be a lively place for community meetings; maybe a space to hang students’ art; a place for people to stop by after work and have a cup of tea; anything!

Where do you hope to be (business wise) in 4 years and what is the biggest obstacle/problem in reaching your goals? In 4 years I hope to have grown to support a community of health and wellness professionals operating out of the space to bring a variety of services to the Rosedale neighborhood.  I envision a warm community location that offers massage, counseling, nutrition, midwifery, primary care, evening lectures, discussion groups, etc.  I think the biggest hurdles to achieving this plan are finding the right people to join in this effort. Talking to people and reaching out to network has been a highly informative experience for me, and I hope each interaction brings me a little closer to someone who can contribute to the long-term vision for the practice.