We’re proud of our team members, and we want everyone else to know how great they are. That’s why each month we talk with one of our employees to let them share how they shine in their role. This month, we’re talking with Megan Benware, the lead Innkeeper for Southmoreland on the Plaza and Oak Street Mansion.

What’s been your most exciting project recently?

Taking on my new role as head Innkeeper! Jumping with both feet into a role I wanted some time in the future (but wasn’t expecting soon) is certainly exciting, to say the least. I look forward to working with my current staff and bringing on new team members. The number of weddings and other group events being booked is also encouraging and I hope it leads to a successful year.

How do you utilize our core values in your role?

I am getting creative and collaborative with my team to ensure our properties are staffed, clean, and our guests are well taken care of during their stay. I certainly do not have all the answers and want input from all my team members on how we can be more efficient while not sacrificing service and hospitality.

What have been some highlights during your time with Clemons?

Sometimes when you’re a newer employee, you can feel like a nuisance when you have to ask questions and are still learning, but I have never felt that here. Everyone is always more than happy to assist me if I need it and I have felt very welcome and at-home since I started.

Thanks Megan for your hard work and stepping up to the plate! We are glad you’re on our team.