Determined to build on the success of other urban renewal projects in the area, Clemons Real Estate has announced plans to breathe new life into a struggling neighborhood once known as Millionaire’s Row.

The area around the intersection of Troost Ave. and Linwood Blvd. was once home to Kansas City’s most prominent citizens and unique cultural attractions. Over time, however, the formerly affluent community has deteriorated significantly. It now stands as yet another example of disrepair and neglect in the city’s urban core.

But where some see hopelessness, others see opportunity. Clemons Real Estate plans to restore the area as a base for the city’s most innovative businesses. Dubbed “Legacy Crossing,” the district will attract entrepreneurs who want to play an active role in revitalizing a troubled part of the city. “We want to create opportunities for local businesses to be urban pioneers,” said Audrey Navarro, managing partner of Clemons. “Our goal is to kickstart growth and economic development in the area, and be a catalyst for positive, lasting change.”

Audrey Navarro, Legacy Crossing, Kansas City Real Estate

Clemons is already negotiating with investors and securing commitments from businesses interested in locating in the new district. For more information, please visit

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