Professional Imaging, a company based out of St. Louis, MO, most recently made the debut of their first Kansas City location at the corner of Armour Blvd. and Main Street. Clemons Real Estate represented the Landlord in leasing their space, and also had the opportunity to perform the construction and design work of their clinic.

We asked them a few questions about how 3 E. Armour was the best fit for their needs and are excited to have them in the building! What triggered your expansion into the Kansas City market? Kansas City felt like a very natural progression from our Saint Louis center. While both cities are unique, they have remarkably similar medical communities. We have witnessed a shift in services moving away from the hospitals, even more so with the most recent epidemic. Kansas City was a market we felt we could have the most impact for the services we provide. We take all insurances including Medicare, Medicaid, commercial, private pay, and Workman’s compensation plans. Our goal is to be able to provide care to anyone who needs it. Why did you choose Midtown for your first location? Midtown was the ideal community for us to open in. The mixed use between commercial, residential, and medical businesses made it an easy decision. Transportation is key, so being located on multiple major public transportation routes makes us very accessible for our patients. What does the future hold for your company? The main goal of Professional Imaging is to offer affordable and accessible healthcare. We are going to continue to identify markets in which we can make an impact.