For this month’s spotlight, we chatted with the co-founders of the Troost Market Collective, Katie Mabry Van Dieren and Crissy Dastrup, and asked them several questions about how they got started and where they hoped to be in the future. 

What is the Troost Market Collective and how did you get started?

Troost Market Collective is a Non-Profit, 501(c)(3) pending organization. Our mission is to create equitable opportunity for creative entrepreneurs and provide a platform for engagement and artistic expression to inspire future generations. Through innovative partnerships and programming, we envision a community hub of creativity and expression, where expanding local economies enrich the landscape for all, fostering equitable and sustainable development.

What inspires you most?

A byproduct of the Kansas City renaissance, we have been inspired by the city’s love for all things local and handmade.  Watching the success of local creative entrepreneurs grow from start-ups to full scale operations who are now hiring their first employees is inspirational.  There is a positive ripple effect on the local economy which grows with the success of each entrepreneurial artist. We hope to catalyze the Kansas City arts ecosystem to scale to yield more opportunity for this growth. The ultimate achievement for us is to create a space where artists can innovate, create and achieve financial sustainability, while living their dreams as sustained business owners and entrepreneurs, mentoring and teaching community members simultaneously.

How can people get involved in your organization and what do you need most from them?  

 As a collective, we are looking to engage a wide variety of community stakeholders to provide a space for creative entrepreneurs and artists to gather and create. We aim to provide a range of studio space for artists and makers who may have larger equipment needs. In addition, we aim to develop and expand a variety of innovative partnerships within the Kansas City philanthropic community as well as the arts and entrepreneurship communities. We are collecting feedback from community members, potential collective member, and those wanting to stay involved through our website as we continue to work with the community to bring opportunities for artists and the neighborhood. To keep up with our most recent adventures, please follow us on facebook and instagram!

Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

In five years we aim to be fully integrated and running with zeal within the neighborhood and the city at large. This means we will be able to provide collectives across multiple disciplines (niches) such as music, jewelry/metal, textiles/design, clay, wood, and others. We hope to drive awareness and become a household name and go-to place for the local community of creative entrepreneurs. We want to offer opportunity for all ages and stages, from novice, to those transitioning out of art school, to those looking to take the leap on a new career in the arts. Through all of this exciting work, we hope to have a positive impact in the surrounding community.

To learn more about the Troost Market Collective, visit their website at