Often I am asked the value proposition of joining Clemons versus a national firm in our industry. There are a couple of key points that are differentiators in my mind:

1. The culture of collaboration in an industry of sole practitioners. At Clemons, our practice is based on daily collaboration. We sell time and information, not just real estate. Without collaboration, information is scarce. It is at the heart of what we do.

2. Accumulating wealth through investment in real estate. Many years ago, my father asked me to picture the most successful professionals in our industry. He then asked me, “How do you think they accumulated their wealth?” The answer was simple: through owning and developing real estate — not just accumulating fees. At Clemons, we encourage and mentor our agents to become investors and developers so they can grow their personal wealth.

Here are some other differentiators at Clemons:

  • Training: We have a customized playbook for new brokers and spend time helping them build their book of business.
  • Tools: We subscribe to state-of-the-art tools and technology that propel our business development efforts.
  • Team: We have an outstanding support team to assist brokers in every stage of their business.

If you have questions about Clemons brokerage, feel free to contact us.